How to Find Humorous Stories to Tell

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Fun, Humor, laughter, Public Speaking, Videos

If you lead a team, coach, or speak to groups, try telling a humorous story. Why? Because it: captures interest much better than dry concepts helps people remember your point opens people’s minds to your message builds a bond of trust with your listener Check out this short 6 minute video below for quick tips […]

The Best Kind of Story to Attract Ideal People to Your Business

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Creativity & Innovation, Leadership

Think of a speaker that had a big impact on you. Chances are they spoke about their long term vision, their life mission and you felt aligned with their values. Now, think about the last time you were trying to motivate someone to make a positive change. Perhaps you were talking to your team, or a […]

3 Easy Ways to Deal with Presentation Anxiety

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Mindsets for Success, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Stress

Deadlines and performance pressure can bring on anxiety…like having to give a business presentation or do public speaking. The good news is that there are now proven ways of dealing with it, that don’t require professional help. They only need a small amount of time and open mindedness.   3 top tips for releasing presentation anxiety: Play the “What if” Game […]

Need more engagement when you speak about your business?

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Creativity & Innovation, Employee Engagement & Team Building, Leadership


Are you trying to open people’s minds to change? Are you telling them WHY you want them to change? Many people seem to forget this small but vastly important step.  I love reporting on Change Artists to pay attention to, such as Jane McGonigal. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Reality Is Broken: […]

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