How to un-trigger yourself

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So what does it mean to upgrade your operating system? Apparently, you can train your brain to stay relaxed, trusting, happy or confident under normally “triggering” events. You simply need to remember times when you’ve done it before and then create a habit or ritual to anchor it. Remember the last time someone else felt […]

Negativity seeds creativity

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Necessity is the mother of invention. All negativity can be the fuel for a new possibilities. Negativity is like the black soil that provides a base for the rose to grow, or it’s like the black oil that runs your motor car, or like the black liquorice that gets you through that late afternoon slump. […]

Try the Re-invention Brainstorm

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What many organizations do is to take something negative affecting their work or industry, and brainstorm on what reinvention it may be seeding. For example, 9/11 caused the meetings industry to slow down significantly. As a result, some industry leaders brainstormed and decided to focus resources in other areas. Lo and behold great inroads were […]

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