Change it Up

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Stress

Below is Sue Whittemore’s poem to inspire you. She works for the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development. Change it Up What transitions, integration, and reorgs are in store? Also transformations, modifications, adaptations and more. Is your head spinning with the speed of it all? Remember the “change” workshops and their call. Change is […]

Learn Storytelling to Grow Your Career

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Leadership, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Stress

A client recently interviewed three consultants to help grow this business. In the end, he chose the one who used lots of stories and examples. Even though all were well qualified, the storyteller stood out because he was the easiest to understand. In today’s world of information overwhelm, being understandable is vital. Storytellers Rule the […]

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