Do YOU Make This BIG Mistake Pursuing A Happy And Successful Life?

Discover How This Remarkable Invention Has Enabled 7,406 People To Achieve Happiness And Success. HAS THIS BEEN HAPPENING TO YOU A LOT LATELY? You try to manifest an important goal using the power of your mind, and by taking action.  Yet, not much changes. Frustrating, right?  For example, doing visualizations, affirmations or goal setting, etc. […]

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online training

[THURSDAY] The Art of Mindset Mastery

The Art of Mindset Mastery:   READY TO STOP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS? A 5 Step Process to Transform Inner Limitations so You Can Create the Success You Most Desire  with Carla Rieger This online training is normally sold for $95, but is right now available for FREE for a very short period of time. You […]

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How’s Your Laugh Life?

When was the last time you had some really great…laughter? Plato once said, Life was meant to be lived as play.  Yet, many people act as if life was meant to be lived as work. No pain, no gain. Life is a struggle. Was Life Meant to Be Lived as ONLY Work? Many people believe […]

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avoid a conflict

Use Humor to Avoid a Conflict

Before I criticize someone, I walk a mile in their moccasins. That way, if they get mad, they’re a mile away and barefoot.   If you use humor in the right way at the right time – you CAN diffuse a conflict. Everyday life is full of great opportunities to disarm negativity, ease a tense situation, and help people […]

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