The Emerald Coaching Program - To Jumpstart Your Speaking

Get accountability, structure and troubleshooting to help you jump up to the next level using speaking to build your business.

This coaching series is for:

  1. Experts: authors, coaches, consultants, workshop leaders, facilitators, practitioners,
  2. Independents: direct sellers, network marketers, commission-based sales people
  3. Business owners: who want to give presentations (live and online) to grow their income
  4. Leaders/Managers: who must give presentations as part of their job

This coaching program includes:

  1. inner game support to bring out your best self
  2. outer game support to have winning strategies, content and delivery

We can focus on such areas as:

  1. Clarity  so that you have the right topic for the right person at the right time
  2. Turning your speech into a cash machine that attracts ideal clients regularly for years
  3. Refining your existing materials so that's it highly professional
  4. Bringing out your best delivery possible so that you feel proud of yourself and on fire
  5. Ensuring your speech is memorable and highly engaging
  6. Selling yourself and your offerings  in a way that opens minds and pocket books
  7. A confidential advisor to help you past sticking points; a coach in your corner
  8. The structure, accountability and inspiration to finally get important goals achieved

Not all programs are right for everyone. We want to ensure there is a good fit, that you are spending your time and money wisely and that this is a win-win experience for everyone involved.  CLICK HERE to apply.


Patti Gilbertson

I was surprised to find that this coaching program not only gave me much higher capacity at work, but also enriched my personal life in lovely and unexpected ways. 

Patti Gilbertson
Gillian Maxwell

Carla helped propel me much further along in my business than I could have done on my own. Totally life changing.

Gillian Maxwell
Mary Lou MacDonald

I will be forever grateful to Carla for this process as it changed my life for the better in both expected and unexpected ways.

Mary Lou MacDonald





SUMMER SPECIAL $3900 USD (Best Deal)

Or, 2 payments of $2150 USD

All inclusive fee except for tax where applicable. Payable by credit card, eTransfer, cheque or PayPal.



Please call or email with questions:

Tel: +1-604-222-2276

Skype: carla.rieger



During this program of accelerated achievement, you get:

  1. needs assessment and learning style assessment
  2. a strategic plan and accountability to get ready for 1 upcoming speaking engagement
  3. topic and audience clarity for 1 topic/niche
  4. 4 videoconferencing sessions (60 minutes)
  5. market research to find your winning strategy in the speaking industry
  6. connect you to appropriate people and resources to fast track your progress
  7. 1 customized audio to accelerate your vision, performance, self image and learning
  8. Access to 1 online courses on either speech crafting, speaker marketing, storytelling or confidence building



Since each person is unique, and at a different stage of development, you can choose 2 extra focuses from these areas below which you'd most like help with:

  1. extra market and audience research for a 2nd topic
  2. selling from the stage - scripting and delivery
  3. helping you upgrade an existing presentation/slides
  4. deliver it with power, poise and purpose
  5. feedback on your speaker marketing materials to magnetize ideal event planners
  6. feedback and role play on your event planner pitches
  7. producing for you a video interview to send to event planners in place of live footag



Robert Janak

Even though I liked public speaking, I found the process of crafting and delivering a business presentation 10x easier working off a great coach like Carla.   

Robert Janak
Kevin Hicks

Carla helped me get over a fear of public speaking and now I have no problem getting up there and speaking about my business offerings.

Kevin Hicks
Nancy Orlikow

This process helped me get clear on the goals that were important to me both on the job and in my personal life, plus the accountability to stay focused on that.

Nancy Orlikow
Alana Reichert

This was exactly what I needed to step up as a leader in my company and have a clearer vision for what I wanted to achieve.

Alana Reichert