Coaching And Mentoring

VIP Program with Carla Rieger

This program is for people who want hands on, personal help as soon as possible. Most successful speakers and presenters seek out this kind of help because it is 10x easier than trying to do it alone

There are 4 possible focuses for the VIP Program:

  • NEED TO REINVENT YOURSELF AS A SPEAKER? Take yourself to the next level of excellence so that you can increase your income and credibility
  • GOT A GIG COMING UP? Get fully prepared inside and out for an upcoming, high stakes, speaking engagement so you can be your best and hit a home run
  • CAN`T GET STARTED? If you`re procrastinating and don`t know where to start, together we will brainstorm, structure and action plan so you can realize your speaker dreams sooner rather than later
  • NOT GETTING BOOKED? NOT ENOUGH INCOME? We can analyze your offer, market and presentation then create a strategy to get you booked over and over again, so that you attract the income, credibility and fulfillment you are looking for

If you want fast action results and total personalized help, consider the VIP Program. Carla’s expertise and her wide range of resources will take you there in a fraction of the time it will take you to get there alone, with far less set backs.


Available live or virtually 

Application Process
This program is by application only. It's free to apply. You start by just answering a few questions and then have a short interview. I just want to ensure there is a good fit for both of us, and that you are spending your time and money wisely.

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The Details

This program is designed to provide the safety, focus and creative crucible into which you can get the results you need. The focus is for you to earn back your investment many times over while fulfilling your speaker dreams.

What it includes:

  1. Needs Assessment - to help us both get clarity on where you are and where you want to go
  2. Prepare for your VIP Day – We prepare together so we can get the most out your “Get It Done” session
  3. Get It Done Session – together we fully focus on launching you (7 hours live or 2 sessions of 3.5 hours virtual)
  4. Next Steps - post-session to ensure you are taking the next steps (1 hour virtual)


In between sessions: Carla will research your topic and market, plus review your marketing materials, slides and presentation

  1. You get access to The Presentation Prosperity online learning modules which provides you with short tutorials on all aspects of building your business through speaking such as clarifying your offer, speech crafting, marketing, selling yourself as speaker, selling from the stage, upgrading your confidence, storytelling, humor, and more
  2. You get a Promo video interview to attract ideal clients and speaking engagements
  3. Blueprint: You receive a personalized active meditation which is a short, self-hypnosis MP3. This will train your mind to manifest your goals, and to deepen the learning and results from the program

How it Works


Virtual: work is on Zoom or Google Hangouts so we can see each other on video and share our screens and resources are all virtual.

In person: When we work in person for the full day it’s in my penthouse office in downtown Vancouver, at your locale, or another locale that we mutually agree on.

Rate: The rate varies depending on a number of factors such as how prepared you already are, how soon you have a presentation to be ready for, what level of writing, editing, rehearsing, market research, sales help you need to reach your desired outcome.

Assessment:  As such, we need to do an application and assessment first. There's no financial obligation to apply. If you are chosen, you get a 30 minute breakthrough strategy session to see whether we have a good fit for taking it to the next level. If we don't have a good fit, then we still endeavour to get you a breakthrough in our 30 minutes together. The next level involves a flat fee assessment of your situation along with the recommended coaching program that would be customized to your needs and desired outcomes.

Just click BELOW to apply. There's no obligation to apply and only takes a few minutes.

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