Pursuing Truth For Personal Growth and Development

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Pursuing Truth For Personal Growth and Development

How do you actively pursue truth, a central part of personal growth and development? Truth is becoming difficult to come by, especially at a time when advertising and politics have found new ways to twist truth and propagate misinformation. Only with gratitude, kindness, and compassion can you hope to combat this situation.

Pursuing Truth For Personal Growth and Development

The best form of teaching is through modeling.  Our brains are hard-wired to learn through modeling.  Living in a way that is consistent with what you value can go far to teach.

Many roles incorporate guidance, teaching and strength building – managers, parents, coaches, all, have the foundation of teaching at their base.  Highly effective coaches, managers, and parents share the skill of meeting their students where they are, defining their strength and limitations and then building their strengths and transforming their limitations into strengths using compassion and frankness.  (Read more here)

1. Be aware of what works. Because not every technique will achieve their promised effect, you should take special notice of what works for you and what doesn’t.

2. Find out how to connect with other people. Nothing compares to the absolute pleasure of getting to connect with another human being. Try to discover different ways to find a connection with other people. You’d be surprised at the results.

3. Be flexible. There’s no one way to say a message. And how you say a particular message may differ from how other people will say it, despite the fact that the message is the same in its essence. This is why you have to be flexible. You will avoid a lot of arguments once you realize that there’s no point of disagreement after all.

4. Appreciate the finer things in life. You may have problems along the way, but it would be much better if you focus on the positive things in life that are happening. To put it simply, count your blessings.

5. Turn the other cheek.

Have you ever experienced saying something you know you would regret later? It’s high time you practice the art of turning the other cheek. When something goes wrong in your life, instead of fighting back with negativity, use it to transform the situation into something positive.

6. Internalize the energy of the person you are guiding.

If you are a mentor of someone who is determined and set on being better, you might want to absorb the same energy yourself and find yourself in a better place.

Detecting the truth can be hard a time when lies have become a norm. But with compassion, open-mindedness and love, you’re bound to be on your way to the selfless pursuit of truth.

Carla Rieger

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