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Intro to Confidence Gold:

How to Win the Inner Game of MLM Presenting

with Carla Rieger & Dave O’Connor


It takes HUGE confidence to pitch your business opportunity to people and even more so to stand up in front of a group and be effective. Discover how to avoid the top 3 mistakes that MLM presenters make.

This is a step-by-step process so that you can  apply the top confidence habits of high performance MLM Speakers. This engaging, practical and informative program with Carla Rieger and Dave O’Connor can help you:

  • lessen anxiety and stress
  • heighten confidence and boldness to reach out to people
  • increase overall enjoyment of giving business presentations
  • attract more YES’s

MP3 #1 – Dave O’Connor and Carla Rieger how to build your confidence

MP3 #2 – Dave O’Connor live on how to shift your mindset

MP3 #3 – Carla Rieger live on how to move from anxious to excited

MP3 #4 – Blueprint to lessen public speaking anxiety and be more bold

4 MP3 downloads


  $20.00 USD for Intro to Confidence Gold for MLM Speakers

  $50.00 USD for all 3 on this page

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Intro to Storytelling for MLM Presenters

with Carla Rieger

MLM Presenters who use stories well, stand out dramatically against those who don’t. Why? Because people love stories. Engagement in your listener goes up exponentially.

The problem is, most presenters need more stories, but either can’t think of any to tell or lack the skills to craft and delivery them well.

This audio program shows you:

  • how to assess your storytelling strengths and challenges
  • where to find and create captivating stories
  • the do’s and don’t of using stories in business settings
  • how to apply a 5-part structure to make stories captivating
  • how to match your content to your audience
  • how to both show and tell your story

MP3 #1 – Story quiz and story demos

MP3 #2 – How to find personal stories that will win people over

MP3 #3 – How to structure your stories for maximum effec

MP3 #4 – Blueprint to be a better storyteller

4 MP3 downloads


 $20.00 USD for Intro to Storytelling for MLM Speakers

  $50.00 USD for all 3 on this page

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Intro to MLM Pro Presenter

with Carla Rieger

The quality of your presentation can make or break your career in your network marketing company. Whether you are presenting one-on-one or public speaking, avoiding a few common pitfalls is all you may need to captivate, motivate, and inspire your listeners.

In this interactive and engaging learning experience you will discover how to:

  • Speak directly to the needs of your listeners so they want to listen
  • Add humor where appropriate
  • Appeal to a variety of listener learning styles and personalities
  • Prevent unwanted disasters
  • Get clear on how to strategize your MLM business for faster success

Through demonstration, Carla will show you how to reach ideal leaders, build instant rapport with your listeners and turn around challenges in a moment so that you can build a 6-to-7 figure income.

MP3 #1 – How to get clear on your presentation goals and strategy

MP3 #2 – How to use humor and audience participation

MP3 #3 – How to sell with integrity

MP3 #4 – Blueprint to increase your success on one-to-one conversations

4 MP3 downloads


 $20.00 for MLM Pro Speaker

  $50.00 for all 3 on this page

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