Video 7: Speak Your Purpose (Part 2)

Part 7 continues with Speak Your Purpose--How to Add Your WHY to Stories and Profiles. You can watch the video or listen to the same material via MP3 download. 

Continue with your 4-step process for

  • Uncovering a deeper clarity of purpose for your offer to the world
  • Crafting that purpose in story form for presentations and profiles
  • How to use your story in social media
  • Vetting your story so that you take it to a whole other level


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  • Mission-Benefits-Stories Worksheet
    Mission-Benefits-Stories Worksheet

    Print and fill out your own version of this handout on the 2nd page. Then keep your version handy to glance through before talking to anyone about your products, services or business opportunity. This will fill you will the purpose of why you are talking to them, and remind you of the stories and examples you can use to really help people understand.