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This week I will be posting some of the top entries from my annual “Fun at Work Photo Contest” I will be posting different photos everyday. On Friday, I will post the winning entry.

The rules were to send in a photo of something that created fun in your workplace. After all, joy, laughter and appreciation are great ways to get the creative brain working more effectively, and it’s also a great way to boost morale through the winter blues!

The first entry below is from Cheryl Stafford at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Kitty Litter and Fingers Dessert

winner of Carla’s honorable mention award! (A Far Side Book)

kitty litter dessert

Cheryl writes, this is “From our Halloween Potluck which almost all staff attended – kitty litter and fingers (desserts).  The kitty litter actually won an award for most creative / best food!  It was pudding and cake with tootsie rolls!”

The next submission is also from Cheryl Stafford at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Pin the nose on Knut


“From our Holiday Open House – we had a number of games going on such as “wack a penguin” – electronic set up in one of our meeting rooms and pin the nose on Knut (he’s one of our VP’s).  The picture is of Knut before the red dot noses were put on him for the contest.  Contestants were blindfolded and had to walk up and place a red circle sticker on the picture – closest to the nose won! “

Ed DeBruyn from Fisheries and Oceans Canada challenged his staff in the district offices in Ontario to submit pictures of their best decorated doors. His organization held their own internal contest with prizes.  Check out one of the successful door designs below:

The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas door

The next photo was sent in by Narinder Serown, from BC Community Corrections

Narinder at Work


Narinder writes “here’s a picture of me for the Fun at Work contest.  This was taken shortly after I arrived at the Kamloops Community Corrections office.  This was sent around to my former colleagues and it created a few chuckles.”

Michelle Nelson from Tap Communications Inc., an advertising and communications company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan also won a Honorable Mention for her photo contribution

Amazing Race

amazing race 2008 Michelle writes “Last year we held a car rally with different points around the city where we had to race to in order to gather clues to the next location. We had so much fun at that party that we decided to invite spouses in on the fun for our 2008 party, but to change it to a foot race so that it would be a safer event. “

Carla Rieger

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