Can You Tell a Great Story? Take the Quiz

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Creativity & Innovation, Employee Engagement & Team Building, Leadership, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Success Stories, Videos

As bestselling author, Daniel Pink, says “Storytellers rule the future”. If you are a manager, supervisor, salesperson, business owner or motivator of any kind, it can make all the difference. Why? Because stories: • persuade people much better than concepts (Harvard Business Review) • build empathy for your point of view instead of judgment (The […]

How to Find Humorous Stories to Tell

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Fun, Humor, laughter, Public Speaking, Videos

If you lead teams, coach, educate or speak to groups, try telling a humorous story. It captures interest and helps people remember important points. Best mistakes stories, in particular, are great for teaching safety awareness and problems to avoid. They also build rapport by helping you appear more “human” to your listeners. Think of a time in your […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Speaking Engagements

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Public Speaking, Videos

I made 3 small changes to my Linkedin profile recently based on Kevin Knebl’s advice. Within a few weeks I got 2 new speaking engagements. Try these tips and see the difference it can make for you.  Check out this interview with Kevin. He is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach and the CEO of a […]

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