Transform Anxiety Into Confidence – 3 Ways to Switch Your Brain On

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* Do  you ever feel TOO nervous in situations like public speaking, interviews or networking events?

* What is actually taking place in the brain of a person when they experience this fear?

* How can a person transform that kind of fear within minutes?

If you have ever asked yourself those questions then you are in the right place. Julie Anderson interviews Carla Rieger–an expert in helping people to break through their fears in high pressure situations.

Through her business The Artistry of Change Training and Consulting Inc. they focus on building presentation and communication skills for visionary leaders and business owners.

In this interview, she will answer these questions:

* In what kinds of high pressure situations can you use these tools?

* What is the secret to being able to speak with confidence in a high pressure situation?

* What is going on in a person’s brain when they are afraid of public speaking?

* What is an example of something a person can do to shift how their brain is reacting in real time?

… much more.

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The #1 Way to Overcome a Fear of Failure

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Fear of Failure

Do you find yourself procrastinating?

Are you frustrated because you’re not getting the success you want?

If you have your own business, often procrastination is a symptom of a deeper issue. It can be about fear of failure. If you don’t succeed because you never properly tried, it’s less painful than if you put your heart and soul into it and THEN you fail. As a result, a subconscious part of you might be intentionally sabotaging your forward movement in order to protect you from that pain.

Most people have an inner committee of voices with various roles, somewhat like the management team of a company. For example, you might have:

  1. The CEO with the vision to succeed.
  2. PUBLIC RELATIONS who ensures you have a good image and reputation in the world.
  3. The AUDITOR whose job is quality control.
  4. SECURITY who’s job it is to keep you safe.

If the CEO’s vision puts you at risk for failure, which could lead to a loss of self esteem, then SECURITY might block your success. Make sense?

It’s very challenging to change this kind of self sabotage at the conscious level. You need to change it at the subconscious level where these archetypal voices reside. Usually, people fear failure in an area where they made a mistake in the past and suffered negative consequences. Then they are afraid to try again. Often, the way to transform that fear is to go back to that incident, with a wiser perspective, and a more forgiving heart, and free yourself up from the bonds of that fear.

You can do that:

  1. On your own through your imagination and intention, which is far more powerful than most people believe.
  2. Through journalling and automatic writing.
  3. Through listening to a guided meditation that prompts your imagination to go back in time and re-educate SECURITY.

The idea here is to stop SECURITY from sabotaging your progress by exploring an outcome that ensures your safety while also allowing your goals and visions to come to fruition.


FREE DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO: If you’d like a free audio to guide you through the process, check out The Overcoming Fear of Failure Process.  


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Do you have to give presentations as part of your network marketing business? 

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If so, it’s normal to feel nervous but sometimes people get so anxious it undermines their success.

It takes BIG confidence to be effective when talking to prospects.

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4. Three Simple habits that MLM speakers use to create 6 and 7 figure incomes.

Presenter Bios

Carla Rieger began her career with an innovative teambuilding company in the US in 1988. Then, in 1991 she became the director of The Artistry of Change Inc., a firm that specializes in awakening creative potentials in people so that they can be innovative communicators. She has authored 5 books, over 80 online learning programs and spoken to over 1500 groups internationally.

Dave O’Connor has helped thousands of people reach higher levels of happiness, fulfillment and professional accomplishment. He teaches students from a holistic perspective, encouraging them to engage their mind and body to propel far beyond their self-perceived boundaries.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Absolutely brilliant webinar. Better than most paid webinars out there. Dave is incredibly skilled at delivering the best content in a clear and powerful way.” ~Renee Poindexter

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The Enjoyable Workplace: 8 Springtime Joy Breaks

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flowersLily Tomlin once said, “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”

The antidote to exhaustion may not be more rest…but adding something joyful to your day instead. It can be challenging to do that, though, once you get into overdrive.

Joy Breaks may be your answer. One to ten-minute Joy Breaks can renew you throughout the day. When you let yourself have a few moments of enjoyment, your mood lifts—and your productivity and effectiveness increase dramatically.

Business guru Tom Peters maintains, “The number one premise of business is that it ought to be fun.

Life is short. On your deathbed, you won’t remember all the things you accomplished on your TO DO list; you’ll mainly remember the precious moments of enjoyment.

Anything that stimulates the creative mind is a good place to start. If you can learn to switch back and forth between work and play throughout the day, you may find you leave the office with a bounce in your step.

Gain the support of those around you by letting them know what you need, and where possible, include them. Instead of reaching for another coffee or a chocolate bar, consider some of these healthy alternatives for uplifting your spirit, relaxing your mind, and energizing your body. These ideas were taken from a list of the most popular ideas in North American workplaces both small and large:

1. Flowers

Go outside with a pair of clippers. Clip a few flowers. Put them in a vase, and place them in your work area.

2. Music

Play Baroque music to open up your creativity and soothe your mind. I suggest Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (especially Spring). Use a headset if you don’t want to disturb others nearby.

3. Mini-Golf in the Office

Many people love golf in the Spring, but don’t have the time to get to the course. Take a few golf clubs and golf balls to each department. Have each department create a golf-hole—use whatever you can find: paper cup, trash can, etc. When you need to go to another department for a meeting or to get some information, you simply “golf” your way there. You can keep track of your score. Those who get a hole-in-one get a special prize.

4. Easy Button

EasyAt most Staples stores you can buy the “Easy” button. Give one to each of your workmates. When any of you finishes a task big or small, hit the button and it will say “That was easy!”. Hearing that all day long gives people a sense of fun productivity and maybe even a little bit of competition to get more things done easily.

5. Wall of Fun

Set up a wall in a staff area for fun stuff. On a bulletin board put cartoons, favourite joke, fun photos from a staff event. One person each month is responsible for supplying material for the “fun wall”, but anyone can contribute.

6. Gratitude Walk

Go for a ten-minute walk. Observe five things you are grateful for or appreciate—such as the trees and flowers starting to bloom again, cloud formations, sunshine, the sound of children playing, the comfortable shoes you are wearing, etc.

7. Vacation Planning

As we head closer to summer, you can take ten-minute breaks to plan your time off. Peruse travel books, make hotel reservations, write a note to relatives telling how you’d like to spend time with them, etc.

8. Fun Lunchtimes 

Take a dance class, bring a sketchpad for drawing, play badminton with a colleague on the lawn, take a bike ride, play double-solitaire with a workmate.

Use some of these activities, or make up your own. Create a list of 8 things you can go do when your energy slumps, and put that list in a place where you will see it.

Every time you do a Joy Break, check that activity off the list. Some people go so far as to give themselves a gold star. Positive reinforcement can help make joy a regular occurrence, and help you kick the worry habit.

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

May the FUN be with you!


Carla Rieger…is an expert on fun at work and change management. If you are planning a meeting and need a great speaker go to:  604-222-2276

Email carla [at] carlarieger [dot] com




A Quick Tip to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

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Ever heard of the books, The Inner Game of Tennis or The Inner Game of Golf? Timothy Gallwey, the author, was one of the first people to really popularize the notion that there is an inner game to any endeavor where there is performance pressure. It could be in sports, the arts, business, or in personal relationships. Think about it, sex is mostly an inner game. Some neuro scientists now believe “the inner game” of anything is responsible for 80% of your success.

As Gallwey says…In every human endeavor there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the inner. The outer game is played on an external arena to overcome external obstacles to reach an external goal. The inner game takes place within the mind of the doer and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions. The inner game is played to overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential.

The field of neuroscience and mind-body connection is growing rapidly every day, and we are still learning new things all the time. But it is generally accepted now that the key to changing behavior is tracing it back to core beliefs. For example, say you have behavior such as a shaky voice or a racing heart when you do public speaking.

Where does that behavior come from? Usually some kind of emotion such as anxiety. But how does that emotion get created? Usually it’s some kind of thought such as, “What if this goes badly, very very badly?”

And where does that thought come from? And why do some people think that way and some people don’t in the exact same situation?

It’s the core beliefs.

These are like software programs in your mind that launch automatically and loop in the background. At some point in everyone’s public speaking life there are unsupportive core beliefs going on just below your awareness that can cause you to under perform.

Common ones are:

1. What if I do a bad job?
2. What if people don’t like my presentation?

If you have ever ruminated on these concerns—-welcome to the human condition. One trick to transforming them is to identify try just saying the opposite such as:

1. What if I do a great job?
2. What if people love presentation?

The worrying mind is just the creative mind going in a destructive direction. Give it something to chew on in a positive direction and then it will gladly change course. That’s just one of many ways you can stop the looping and take back control of your destiny.

If you would like to learn more tips and processes to turn self doubt and anxiety into self confidence and ease on the podium, check out Confidence Gold: The Inner Game of Speaking

Add your comments below about what helps you become a more confident speaker.




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