The Speaker Marketing Course – 5-Step System to Skyrocket Your Income and Influence through Speaking

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This is a 5-Module course on a password protected membership site that includes—videos, audios and fill-in-the-blanks templates.

Plus you get access to a Facebook Group where you can hear about speaking opportunities and to ask questions.

THE SPEAKER MARKETING COURSE is 5-Step System to Skyrocket Your Income and Influence through Speaking

Join our community of speakers and emerging speakers as we go step-by-step through a 5 Module online course, to get you booked. You can live anywhere with internet.

The more you are out there speaking, the more you can make difference with your message AND having the income and lifestyle you most desire.

It’s also for people who promote both professional and platform speakers.

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  • If you are just entering the world of speaking this will help you get the kind of speaking opportunity to launch you
  • If you’ve been on the speaking circuit for a while you will discover insider secrets that even some top speakers don’t know.
  • If you are an author, coach, consultant, business owner or network marketer – then public speaking gigs will grow your business exponentially
  • If you are wanting to make your living as a motivational speaker, this course will show you how to get those keynote gigs
  • This course is also good for agents and speaker assistantswho want to become certified in Speaker Marketing


There are 1000’s of meeting planners everyday looking for speakers. Only a fraction of them have the budgets to pay for celebrity speakers. Even a local celebrity in their niche, like a top performing realtor, can easily charge $10,000 or more. A well-known actor, might charge $50,000. The rest of those meeting planners are looking for NON celebrity speakers, so that’s 90% of the meetings industry.


Some people think you need a PhD or lots of credentials to be a speaker. If you’re speaking at an astrophysics conference, then maybe. But, again, those kinds of events are only a small fraction of what’s happening in the meetings industry. Many top speakers don’t even have a college education. They haven’t been the president of a multi-national company, nor appeared onSurvivor. They are everyday people who figured out a problem people have and their topic helps solve it. For example, a parent who raised a child with autism and now helps other parents with a similar challenge.


This is a common question I get. People think they should write a speech BEFORE getting a speaking engagement. But the opposite is true. Most people who launch themselves as speakers, create a description, get booked, and THEN create the speech. Otherwise people back burner their speaking career forever. Without a date, there is no urgency, no specific audience in mind to create it for. If you book a speaking engagement then you have a deadline to get you into action and a specific time period, focus and audience in mind when you create it. MUCH easier! Usually meeting planners book speakers 3-6 months in advance. So, if you take the course now, and book something 4 months from, then you have all that time still to get ready for it. Think what you might be missing out on in terms of income, credibility, confidence building, referrals, and career growth if you keep waiting until you. If you are looking at this program, you are more ready than you think you are. You can start small and easy. For example, doing a small lunch and learn for 12 people. It will galvanize you into action in a wonderful way.


Similar to the answer above. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they write a book, thinking this will help them get booked. Again, the opposite is true. Only 3 out of the top paid speakers of all time ever had a book when they first started out. I was a full time paid speaker for 10 years before I had a book. Books take an enormous amount of time, energy and money to create. Instead, get a speaking engagement, write a speech, give the presentation many times over. Improve it based on audience feedback. THEN, write a book. Most people write a book without any audience or reader feedback, and then wonder why it doesn’t do well. Speaking is one of the best ways to do market research and really serve people.


The course is virtual so you can access it anywhere in the world as long as you have internet. As soon as you register, you will get login details. You can start right away or you can get it now and wait until you have have free time. You can watch videos online, or download and listen via audio. It will get you excited with ideas. Then take 30 minutes where possible to do the fill-in-the-blanks handouts for each module. It’s a step-by-step formula for dramatically improving your income through speaking, without being salesy or inauthentic. This simple, step-by-step process will help you magically move meeting planners from “interested” to “ready to invest in you”.


There are several ways to have those questions addressed. You can ask questions under each video using comments. When you do, you earn points and get incremental rewards all along the way. If you get up to 200 points or more you win individual coaching. Secondly, there is a Facebook page for the group, where you can ask questions and get feedback that others can also contribute to.


This program tends to get a lot more results for people, because of our points system. It’s designed to encourage you to take the small, regular steps that lead to success. If you’ve done any programs before that don’t help you get into action, that’s when you can get frustrated. This will help you get the ball rolling, and then the whole journey will take on an exciting life of its own. This is a tried-and-true system based on the expertise of many people who’ve been earning an excellent living from speaking for several decades now.


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Here’s the bottom line…

If you’re reading this, I know you have a message share, and you want more income as well.

I know the pain of having people say the “you should be out there in a much bigger way—your message is so important!.”

I know the daily discomfort of KNOWING your work SHOULD be out there in a big way, and it’s not.

I’m laying this at your feet so that if you’re ready to go BIG, you can. And if you’re not, you can use this as an opportunity to be honest about that and move forward in another direction, with what DOES light you up!

Let me show you how to move from ONE-ON-ONE service to ONE-ON-MANY being a speaker who is highly sought after and highly compensated for making a difference in the world.

If you use what I teach you to get JUST ONE speaking engagement, you can recoup your investment many times over. Join us and take a step closer to your dreams.

Paid Speaking versus Platform Speaking

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In the meetings industry there are two types of speakers: Paid Speakers and Platform Speakers. So what’s the difference? Let’s take a look.

Platform speakers don’t get paid to speak but are allowed to promote something.  In other words, for all their efforts to prepare and deliver the speech, the meeting planner allows them to talk about a product, service or opportunity to the audience. Approximately 90% of speakers in the meetings industry are platform speakers. These kinds of speakers might be promoting the company they work for, enrolling a coaching program, selling tickets to an upcoming event or registering people for an online program.

Paid speakers are paid to speak and don’t sell anything (except perhaps a book) during their presentations. They might be a keynote speaker, a breakout session speaker, a trainer, or an after dinner speaker.

Platform Speakers

The reason the vast majority of speakers are platform speakers is because there are no barriers to entry. Anyone can do it. And because of that, the quality level can vary. By contrast, there are huge barriers to entry for paid speakers. For someone to pay you $5,000 or $10,000 to speak at an event, you have to have an excellent track record. You have to be vetted.

A common question I get from platform speakers is “How can I get paid in to speak?” in hopes of making more income. But even though earning $5,000 per speech sounds like a lot of money, good platform speakers can make far more. For example, platform speakers such as Tony Robbins, Suze Orman or Mark Victor Hansen will earn 100x more per speech because of the programs they sell on the back end of their speech.  Alternatively, they endorse others and earn a commission.

Here are examples of Platform Speaking opportunities my private coaching clients have had.

  1. An image consultant spoke at a women’s entrepreneurial event for 20 minutes for free and ended up getting 23 women on her list to receive tips on how to dress for success. Three of them ended up becoming clients which meant $15,000 income.
  2. An expert in personality testing gave a breakout session at a safety conference which led to $33,000 in consulting fees.
  3. A leadership expert actually paid $45,000 to speak on the same stage as a few celebrity speakers like Tony Robbins. His audience was over 11,000 people. Six percent of the audience bought his $1497 program which came to just under $1 million dollars in income. He had to give 50% of his earnings to the meeting planner, so he took home about $500,000. Not bad for a 90 minute talk.

I’ve also had coaching clients who’ve sold nothing. They’ve put in all that effort, traveled to the venue, put their heart, soul and pocketbook on the line and have come back empty handed. In some cases, they made  just enough to cover a hotel room for one night. That’s the risk with Platform Speaking.

The other great thing about Platform Speaking is that you can make a longer lasting difference for people. No matter how great a speaker you are, a 90 minute talk is not going to change people’s lives. It will only create awareness. For real change to occur, people usually need on-going support in the form of coaching, educational programs, a workshop series, mentoring, or being part of community of people helping to move them forward. Offering a deeper dive for people who are interested is a great service to your audience. How many times have you heard a speaker and wanted more from them, but they had nothing else to offer? Audience members appreciate speakers who have created longer term, high quality education or products or support for them to really get lasting change.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of Platform Speaking.

The PROS are:

  • lower barrier to entry
  • more opportunities to speak
  • an opportunity to make far more income than from paid speaking
  • the chance to make a bigger difference for your listeners

The CONS are:

  • you must create something of value to sell to your audience
  • you risk putting in all that effort, time and money to speak for possibly little or no return
  • you need to learn how to effectively sell from the stage with integrity (or you can turn people off)
  • there is generally less respect for platform speakers because people who do it badly give it bad name

I try to help people with in my Coaching Programs to become top paid or platform speakers because I’ve been successful at both. During this coaching program, I help you truly understand your audience needs, create a speech that both provides value for those who don’t buy, but also sells to those who want more. In addition, you get help to find speaking engagements in front of ideal audience members. Then I help you write and rehearse your speech, and act as your performance coach to ensure you “hit it out of the park” when you get that golden opportunity.

Paid Speakers

Paid speakers only make up about 10% of speakers on the circuit. Event planners are willing to pay a speaker for one or two reasons:

#1 is your ability to deliver a message that will stick with people for days or even weeks to come

#2 is to drive registration

If you have celebrity status in your niche this helps a lot. For example, Bill Clinton once got paid $200,000 to speak back in the 1990’s. And Donald Trump once got $1 million to speak at a real estate event.  The event organizers will pay that kind of money because it drives registration. People attend the event just to hear them speak, and so ideally the costs are covered. Other kinds of celebrity speakers are Olympic Medalists, TV or Movie stars, Nobel Prize Winners, Bestselling Authors, CEOs of big companies, politicians, industry mavericks, etc.

If you are good at #1 above, then fees range from $100 to $7500. If you wish to make $10,000 or more as a paid speaker, you have to have celebrity status, even if it’s just in a certain industry. Here are ways to become a celebrity in your niche. Become a sought after advisor to people in your industry through blog posts, books, YouTube videos, or getting mentioned in news reports as an expert. Generally, however, unless you establish huge celebrity cache, it will be difficult to earn as much as a top platform speaker does.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of Paid Speaking.

The PROS are:

  • no need to invest in something to of value to upsell to your audience
  • you have assured income for all that effort, time and money you invest to be a good speaker
  • no need to learn how to sell from the stage
  • you are often given more respect as a paid speaker

The CONS are:

  • higher barrier to entry
  • less opportunities to speak
  • less income potential
  • you are exchanging time for money, so it’s like a job (you can only take so many gigs a year)
  • you can only create awareness in your listeners versus a longer lasting difference
  • you need to be out on the road much more often (which could be a pro or a con)

I did paid speaking only for 13 years and it meant doing a minimum of 40 engagements a year to cover by business expenses and income needs, and sometimes went up to 100 a year. Many of those engagements meant getting on a plane and being away from home many days or weeks per month. It felt glamorous at first, but then the cost to that lifestyle started to take it’s toll. It can affect your family life, friendships, extra curricular activities, and health.

I now do both platform and paid speaking and now both online and offline, so that I can stay home and still be delivering my expertise. I think all speakers should learn to do both paid and platform and do both live and online speaking, because the more diversified you are as a speaker the more on-going income you will have. Periodically the meetings industry takes a nosedive economically, and that leaves a lot of paid speakers high and dry. If you also have passive income products and other streams of income, you can get through the downtimes. I’ve been in the industry since 1988 and I’ve seen it bust and boom many times over.


Want to learn how to get speaking engagements? This is for either paid or platform speakers.

Check out my FREE webinar entitled, “How to Get LUCRATIVE Speaking Engagements


What have I forgotten? Do you do platform or paid speaking or both? Why did you choose one over the other? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Get Sponsors to Pay You to Speak

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Have you ever heard this from a meeting planner, “We don’t pay speakers”?  AND then they also expect you to pay for your own travel to the event and maybe even pay to attend the event! How can speaking possibly increase your business and income, then?

Consider working with a sponsor. It’s a multi billion dollar industry. There are people who work for companies whose job it is to find innovative ways to promote their offers, and speakers are one powerful way to do that. You just negotiate a win-win agreement with them and then you can bypass the meeting planner in terms of fee.

In the very beginning, all speakers start out speaking for free. It’s like being an apprentice or practicing at an open mic. Everyone needs to do it in the beginning, to work out the glitches; and see what works with an actual audience and what bombs. But any speaker who’s made the effort to offer value to an audience, should be able to graduate to either paid speaking or an opportunity to promote their products and services while speaking. That way all your efforts and years of training pay you back. Don’t fall into the trap of continually speaking for free with no return.

Anyone who speaks knows how much time, energy and money goes into the researching, writing, and marketing of a professional public speaking career. If you’ve worked hard, you delivered great value for an audience, then you deserve compensation. A happy audience makes the meeting planner look great.

Speakers are the heart and soul of a meeting and they need to be compensated

One of the main reasons that meeting planners say they can’t pay good speakers, is often because they don’t know how to build their budgets through sponsors. In those cases, it behooves you to go directly to the sponsor. In the past, the hardest part about getting sponsorship was the lack of a central place where sponsors and speakers can connect. The good news is there is now a service called “Speaker Sponsor” to help you do that.  Sponsors go there to find speakers that specifically pertain to their sponsorship initiatives. So, check it out and see if it makes sense to list yourself there.

How do I get a sponsor to cover my fee? 

Companies will sponsor your speaking fee if it makes sense for them to be associated with your message. Here are the steps:

  1. Think of what kinds of groups would want to be associated with your message. For example, one speaker I worked with helps business owners sell their business. Wealth management companies have sponsored his talk. Another speaker has a decluttering business and so a chain of thrift stores sponsored her talk. A third speaker is a writer of family histories and got an online genealogy service to sponsor her talks. I often do entertaining keynote speeches on how to create a culture of fun and at work. Incentive travel companies have sponsored several of my talks. Because, one of the ways you can create more fun and recognition in your company is to send them on a trip together.   Think of any company that needs exposure to your target audience. Make a big, long list. Then…
  2. Go online and research your top 3 choices. Find someone to contact in the public relations department. Often meeting planners have called me to say they want me to speak, but they have to wait until a sponsor comes in to cover my fee. If I go in and help close the sponsorship deal, it’s a win-win-win. If you have any background in getting sponsors for events use this to your favour— even if they are just covering part of your fee, it it can make a difference to the meeting planner choosing you over another speaker. Your topic doesn’t have to directly relate to their product or service. If you are creating a positive, uplifting experience for your audience, people will associate the good feeling with the sponsor.
  3. Create a pitch to the PR department. Think through what you want to say in terms of how to make it a win-win. Try to figure out what they need and decide what you need to make it work.
  4. Once you get them on the phone, ask lots of questions and listen first to see what kinds of initiatives they are working on. Then, fit your pitch into their marketing initiatives. Be open to negotiating the offer to make it work for them.
  5. Create a sponsor page on your site. Some speakers go so far as to create a page on their website for meeting planners to find, contact and secure sponsors to cover their fee. The more ways you can help the meeting planner win, the more likely they will want to work with you and not just once but many times over.


If you’d like more tips and tools for getting paid to speak at events, check out this free video tutorial and worksheet entitled “How to Get Lucrative Speaking Engagements“.






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Become a sought-after speaker — even if you’re not famous  or have a PhD
Make a difference with your message AND have the income and lifestyle of your dreams
Join us for this 5 Module online course with Carla Rieger and guest teachers.
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This is a certificate program for how to market public speakers.
  • If you are just entering the world of speaking this will give you the foundation you need to succeed quickly.
  • If you’ve been on the speaking circuit for a while you will discover insider secrets that even some top speakers don’t know.
  • If you are an author, coach, consultant, business owner or network marketer – then public speaking gigs will grow your business exponentially
  • If you are wanting to make your living as a motivational speaker or expert speaker, this course will show you how
  • This course is also good for agents and speaker assistants who want to become certified in Speaker Marketing
The course is virtual so you can access it anywhere in the world as long as you have internet. You can also access the material on mobile devices. You have a chance to interact with the instructor and other participants in a variety of engaging ways.
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Carla at July 18-15 DOC Seminar

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