Are You A Business Presenter? Do This Quick Public Speaking Quiz

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business presenter

Test your public speaking knowledge as a business presenter. Most people get a little anxious and some people get very anxious when giving presentations in a business setting. If you want to become more confident when educating people about your business, then rehearsal makes ALL the difference. Whether you are presenting to one person or […]

3 Types of Presentations to Build Your MLM Business

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Want to increase your confidence when presenting your opportunity to people? Whether you are presenting to one person or many people, be sure to include stories and examples that you have wordsmithed and rehearsed many times over. This will make you feel more bold about approaching people, and then you will grow your MLM business […]

How to Rewrite the Stories of Your Life

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Have you ever told a story about yourself that was disempowering? And then you changed the story and now you feel empowered in the same situation? If so, you have activated what I like to call your “Inner Storyteller” to work FOR you instead of against you. If you did it once, you can do it again. […]


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Become a sought-after speaker — even if you’re not famous  or have a PhD Make a difference with your message AND have the income and lifestyle of your dreams ——————————————————————————– Join us for this 5 Module online course with Carla Rieger and guest teachers. Just go to for more information and to enroll. ——————————————————————————– This is […]

How to Get Lucrative Speaking Engagements – Free Webinar

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LIVE Free webinar with top speaker coach, Carla Rieger Register HERE   ————————————————– Have an important message to share? Tired of building your business one person at a time? Do you dream of being a speaker at big events? Discover: How to find groups who already have a budget to pay speakers like you quite handsomely […]

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