A Quick Tip to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Leadership, Mindsets for Success, Public Speaking, Stress

Ever heard of the books, The Inner Game of Tennis or The Inner Game of Golf? Timothy Gallwey, the author, was one of the first people to really popularize the notion that there is an inner game to any endeavor where there is performance pressure. It could be in sports, the arts, business, or in personal relationships. […]

Can You Tell a Great Story? Take the Quiz

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Creativity & Innovation, Employee Engagement & Team Building, Leadership, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Success Stories, Videos

As Daniel Pink, says “Storytellers rule the future”. If you are a manager, supervisor, salesperson, business owner or influencer of any kind, it can make all the difference. Why? Because stories: • persuade people much better than concepts according to Harvard Business Review • build empathy for your point of view according to the The Journal of […]

The Inner Game of Being a Motivational Speaker

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Mindsets for Success, Personal Growth, Public Speaking

Who has helped change your life in a positive direction? Often people give the name of a motivational speaker such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey or Deepak Chopra. They have perhaps touched, moved and inspired you to be a bigger version of yourself. If you are attracted to being a motivational speaker yourself be aware that it […]

Ask for a Woman to be Your Grad Speaker

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Build Your Expert Business, Public Speaking

Probably one of the most important speeches a student will hear in life is the one spoken during the graduation ceremony. The commencement speech gets the student geared up to take on the real world. Men continue to dominant the speaking world, especially those giving commencement speeches. Yet, statistics show that women now make up 60% of […]

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