5 Questions for Your Personal Growth

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personal growthProblems—they never stop coming, do they? Just when you’re through with one, another one comes along. Instead of being frustrated about the barrage of problems coming into your life, why don’t you change your perspective and, necessarily, ask some unusual questions you didn’t care to ask when dealing with problems? By asking the right questions, you’d be surprised at the immense opportunity for personal growth.

What do I need to do differently to solve this problem?

Approach the problem from a different angle. After all, the same kind of thinking that led to the problem in the first place won’t show you what the solution is. Better change the way you think about the problem altogether.

What do I need to do to be the right kind of person in the midst of this problem?

This question has more to do with the kind of person you have to be. Although you don’t have control the situation, you have power over yourself. And if you strengthen your resolve, you might end up being the bigger person and solving the problem at the same time.

What is keeping me from solving the problem?

Because for all you know, there’s something in your that’s preventing you from truly identifying the problems to their core. Get these obstacles out of the way, buckle down, and start from the bottom.

5 Questions for Your Personal Growth

What will solving this problem make possible?

This is a vision question. Sometimes people won’t solve a problem because they have grown comfortable living with the problem. This is a question that gets you thinking about the opportunities that are out there if you didn’t have this problem standing in your way. This is the type of question leaders ask to encourage people to change for the purpose of a better and brighter future.

What kind of story do I want to tell a year from now about this problem?

History is made up of case studies on how people handled their problems. This question encourages you to work through your problem in a way that can teach and train others who may face similar difficulties.

One of the saddest stories you can tell is one filled with regret. It would be a shame to state that you’re facing the same problem a year from now because you failed to do something about it right now.  (Read more here)

As in most things in life, solving problems is a matter of perspective. You’ll always come across problems in your lifetime. The question is now when these problems will come but how your approach to these problems should be.

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